Affordable healthcare is on the chopping block — this could mean a lapse or loss in coverage for millions of Americans. Still, the party is moving forward with the repeal process despite the fact that there is no replacement plan in sight.

This vote allows Republicans to repeal significant parts of the Affordable Care Act without cooperation from the Democrats. It may seem hasty, but for six years the majority of the Republican party has been working against the Affordable Care Act. In that time, they have not produced an alternative to the law, which makes many very skeptical about the policy to replace the law in tandem with its repeal.

Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi said, “For six years, they have had a chance to propose an alternative. We see nothing.” Pelosi was the primary mover in the push to get the ACA passed in 2010, and has been one of the main supporters of the law during its lifetime and in light of the current threat.

Even select members of the Republican party are wary of the speed at which the law is being repealed. “I still have reservations, I’ll put it that way,” said Rep. Charlie Dent, a Republican from Pennsylvania. During the process, he has urged the party to reschedule the vote on Friday to a later date.

There is talk from members of the GOP that the replacement bill will be written in committee, and alongside the repeal legislation. Now that the votes have been cast to begin the process, and with the reins firmly in the hands of the Republicans, the truth of these claims will be apparent soon enough.

Sarah Baker

Brian Russel Davis

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